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A.I. Will Not Replace Us, But People Who Know How to Use A.I. Will Replace People Who Don't

“Companies Waiting To Integrate AI Risk Being Left Behind.” - Bain & Co.’s 2023 Technology Report

“Web 3.0 will be a web of trust, where individuals will have control of their own data, and where artificial intelligence will create new forms of intelligence.” -Tim O’Reilly, Founder of O’Reilly Media

“Generative AI set to disrupt every industry, reaching $909bn by 2030.” - GlobalData Webinar Oct 3rd, 2023

"While the future of AI holds great promise, it's essential to approach its development and deployment with a thoughtful and ethical mindset. The trajectory of AI advancement depends not only on technological innovation but also on our collective commitment to ensuring its positive impact on society." - ChatGPT, Nov 2023

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We analyze your organization’s people, processes, technology, and data to develop and execute a plan to boost productivity, deliver amazing customer experiences, cut costs, and drive revenue growth.

Avoid getting left behind and unleash the power of AI

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Gen AI Training

Educate and supercharge your sales, marketing, product, development, customer service, legal, human resources, and management teams with custom training programs and ongoing mentoring.

Amplify your teams’ productivity and creativity

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AI-Powered products

Whether you're looking to infuse your existing offerings with AI capabilities or create entirely new AI-powered products, we've got you covered. Our solutions include chatbots, autonomous agents, and predictive analytics, all designed to set your business apart and delight your customers.

Transform your products into industry leaders with AI

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WEB3 and NFTs

Empower Everyone to Buy and Enjoy Digital Art, Collectibles, Tickets, and Memberships with Reward Programs.

It's not just for crypto experts anymore. Our tailored smart contracts and custom-branded NFT storefronts open up a world of possibilities. You can sell and buy using traditional credit cards; no crypto is required!

Unlock the value of your brand, build an engaged community, and sell direct to consumer

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Go from Zero To One

We're dedicated to empowering startups on their journey from 0 to 1. We understand the challenges of early-stage ventures, and guide you through the crucial phases of idea validation and MVP development, all the way to establishing product-market fit and executing successful go-to-market strategies for growth and scalability.

advisors, fractional C-suite, and dev teams

With a team boasting years of startup and corporate experience, we're not just consultants but strategic business advisors and mentors who can seamlessly step into fractional C-Suite roles as VPs of Product, Technology, and Marketing. Plus we can assemble and lead development teams. Let us be your trusted partners in realizing your startup's full potential.

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Peter Chmiel, Founder and CEO

Proven experience

Our team is a dynamic blend of seasoned professionals who have honed their skills in Fortune 500 companies, top consulting firms, and leading Big Tech enterprises. This diverse experience ensures a comprehensive understanding of industry intricacies and a wealth of strategic insights.

Startup Prowess: We're not just consultants; we're entrepreneurs at heart. Our team has not only founded multiple startups but has also played pivotal roles in tech startups that achieved successful exits. This entrepreneurial spirit infuses our approach with practical wisdom and a deep understanding of the startup landscape.

What our clients say

“We have been working very closely with Cutting Edge Consulting at M.U.S.I.C. Reform. Their strategic business advice and expertise in NFTs and product go-to-market strategy have been extremely helpful in taking our organization to the next level. They are a joy to work with and very knowledgeable in all things tech. Right up our musical alley.”

Bill Lonero

Founder and CEO


“I hired Cutting Edge Consulting because I needed a team that I could trust, not just with my Trade Secret, but to be experts in the field. I didn't want people who think like me. I needed people who would think beyond me. The team at Cutting Edge Consulting exceeded my expectations, and I am sure they will exceed yours.”

Mark Annett, MS BMe


Annett Enterprises LLC

client portfolio

today’s ventures, tomorrow’s triumphs




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